Pallet Wrapper Overview:

The Exp-108W is by far our most popular machine. When it stretches the film 200% for every 1 metre of film on the roll you can get 3m coming off. This normally means you can achieve film savings of up to 50% compared to hand wrapped pallets. If you are wrapping 25 average sized pallets per day we feel that the film savings only justify the extra cost of the machine compared to the Exp-308. This machine also comes with more features and is 500mm taller as standard compared to the 308. This model is now available with integrated weigh scales.

Pallet Wrapper Standard Features:

  • up to 250% power pre-stretch
  • 1650mm turntable
  • 2500mm wrapping height
  • Cuts film at the end of the wrap cycle
  • Secure top sheet function reduces the risk of water damage if pallet left outside
  • Home position: the turntable always stops at the same position
  • Choose between 0-9 wraps at the top and bottom of the pallet
  • Features both automatic and manual wrapping cycles
  • 3 Memory programs
  • Automatically applied reinforce wrap
  • Turntable speed and carriage speed both adjustable
  • Adjustable electronic tension control
  • Adjustable pallet height photo sensor
  • Soft start and stop
  • Machine can be paused during cycle
  • Reset button returns the carriage and turntable to the home position
  • 180° Rotating Control Panel
  • Trouble shooting shown on screen
  • Magnetic brake holds turntable still during loading/unloading
  • Audible warning when cycle starts

Pallet Wrapper Standard Options:

  • Multi-positional ramp for hand pallet trucks (1200 kilos maximum load weight)
  • Extra long ramp for use with powered pallet trucks
  • Pit Frame
  • 1800mm Turntable (2000 kilos max load)
  • 2000mm & 3000mm Wrapping Height (3m is Special Order)
  • Horse Shoe Style Turntable (Special Order)
  • Integrated weigh scales
  • Up to 300% pre-stretch
  • Pallet height sensor for dark loads

Pallet Wrapper Specifications:

max. wrapping height:2500mm
max. turntable speed12rpm
max. loading weight1650kgs
film roll width:500mm
film roll outer dia:250mm
film roll inner dia:76mm
machine size:2550mm (L) x 1650mm (W) x 2850mm (H)
power supply:single phase (supplied with a 13amp 3 pin plug)

Pallet Wrapper Safety Features:

  • conforms to current HSE legislations
  • safety cut-out on film carriage and control panel
  • height limitation sensors
  • 600mm gap between the edge of the turntable and the nearest fixed point

Pallet Wrapper Warranty Information:

  • Free 18 months full parts, labour & travel warranty (terms & conditions apply)
  • Extend your warranty for up to 5½ years for long term peace of mind
A full view of the Pallet Wrapper model EXP-108W

Power Pre-Stretch Type

A view of the Pallet Wrapper showing the film secure bar Easy to load film carriage
A view of the Pallet Wrapper showing the panel A view of the Pallet Wrapper control panel
A view of the Pallet Wrapper showing the display Display

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